What are we going to do?

Where do I find helium?

Here you can find helium balloons

My message to the world



If you can, make a video when you free your balloons and send these videos to us!
If we have enough videos, we maybe can send them to Tokio Hotel, so they can see, they really have many fans!
7.8.07 21:39

2 years Tokio Hotel

2 years of Tokio Hotel and they’re loved like nobody else. Meanwhile, the boys are even successful in foreign countries.

For Tokio Hotel’s birthday we would like to start a small, little crazy, but hopefully nice action.
What that is exactly, how you can enter and all the other info, you can find in the menu on the left. If you have questions, remarks or so, you can just press “Contact” or leave a message in our Guestbook. We hope there are a few crazy people among you that want to join us.

Greets, the Action-Team
22.6.07 12:11

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