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2 years Tokio Hotel

2 years of Tokio Hotel and they’re loved like nobody else. Meanwhile, the boys are even successful in foreign countries.

For Tokio Hotel’s birthday we would like to start a small, little crazy, but hopefully nice action.
What that is exactly, how you can enter and all the other info, you can find in the menu on the left. If you have questions, remarks or so, you can just press “Contact” or leave a message in our Guestbook. We hope there are a few crazy people among you that want to join us.

Greets, the Action-Team
22.6.07 12:11

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Jannika / Website (8.7.07 20:51)
in sweden are vi go 2 a park and sing TH sings (Durch den monsun )

Tera / Website (11.7.07 15:34)
a česky by to tu nebylo??

Peťa Jost xD / Website (12.7.07 21:54)
Tera: na mojej stránke mᚠaj preklad xD

In Slovakia can will go BIG poster for Tokio HOtel, and we can send to TH to DE.....so we have got a lot of idea....i don´t know what will be xD

Niki (14.7.07 12:50)
váhhhhhhhhhhhhh good idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!(i am hungarian girl)

Lya / Website (14.7.07 17:05)
Great idea! A lot of people know about this action and here in Hungary will fly a lot of balloons <3 (A squad of yellow balloons will attack the boys xD)

Anette / Website (15.7.07 09:39)
Very good idea
the action's hungarian site: www.2jahretokiohotel.extra.hu

In Hungary will be 3 fan meeting^^

Sarah (15.7.07 20:33)
Hej, This is the GREATEST idéa ever!!! LET'S ALL DO IT!! FFS!! EVERYONE LOVES TH!!!;D

michelle (16.7.07 00:44)
I am hungarian girl to be Bills girl

Is a good idea
is a Very Very good idea
to givhf them a surprys

I love you Bill

Susanna (18.7.07 18:36)
oh, cool
i'm so going to do this . I'm from sweden. So everyone in Sweden: vi ska fira tillsammans på plattan! Förfest 15.00 ballongsläppning 17.00 och eventuellt efterfest efeter det what i wrote was: we are going to celebrate together at the "plattan".
We're going to have a party before at 15.00 (swedish time) and the realese the ballons at 17.00 then have a afterparty maybe.

I'll see you there!

Angeline & Melissa / Website (22.7.07 22:45)
Du Sussane, du måste berätta mer om den där efterfesten för mig (Angeline) och min kompis Melissa, adda min msn och berätta om du ser det här! angeline_appelberg@hotmail.com

Jaste (31.7.07 16:53)
Wow... Im from Poland. Greate idea! But I have't any helium... Kurcze wiem, ze wiele bledow, ale w angielskim jestem cienka... Sorry...

Ellen (4.8.07 13:15)
ska det bli förfest i sverige men vet ni hur många som kommer ?? så man liksom kommer & sen är det inga där :/ alltså jag fatatde inte riktig nån som akn förklara ?? Ellllen__9th@hotmail.com

Det ska bli så jävla kul :P

mathias (12.8.07 21:52)
i dont think there is something in denmark but i wanner sing tokio hotel songs all the day

Veronika (13.8.07 13:00)
heii... that's very good idea... a little crazy, but nice... i love tokio hotel... and i special love their music. I come from Slovenia and i will send my ballon into the sky. i hope that someone somewhere will find it

and here is my msn adress for tokio hotel fans...

A.C (16.8.07 11:33)

Josefin (20.8.07 18:41)
They rock my world soo much i love them soo much i congratulesions i love yaaah

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