What are we going to do?

Where do I find helium?

Here you can find helium balloons

My message to the world


What are we going to do?
What’s going to happen???

Good question, what are we actually doing?!
It’s simple. On the 15th of August (this is the day, the single “Durch den Monsun” came out in 2005) everyone of us is going to free a balloon filled with helium at a certain time. At this balloon hangs a cart (which you can find under “my message to the world" , with some text on it. Yes and then? Well, than we all hope, off course, that a lot of people entered and that maybe another fan will find your balloon of that we self will find one of these balloons. Maybe there will actually fly one straight to Bill, Tom, Gustav or Georg.
Everyone who found a balloon can report that here (at “Contact" and we’ll put all the balloons that were found (“I was found" on the site
This action should manely bring a lot of fun and in the best case, bring a couple Tokio Hotel fans together.

DATE: 15 august 2007
TIME: 17h (= 5 p.m.)
(We know, the times are different in the whole world, but it doesn't matter. Just free the balloons when it's 17h in your country.)

P.S.: Maybe you’re with multiple fans on one place and you can send us a picture of your balloons on there way to heaven? Video’s are also always welcome!

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