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Where do I find helium?

Here you can find helium balloons

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Where do I find helium?

We can’t say it very precisely off course, because we don’t know every city. There’s probably a store where they sell balloons filled with helium in almost every city.
For example: In our city there’s a shop that calls himself “Ikarus”. You can buy all sorts of stuff there, hand poppet’s, giant soap bells etc. At that store, you can also buy balloons with helium. You can help other people to tell us (at “Contact&rdquo where you can get balloons like that in your neighbourhood. All shops, with the city, will be placed on the site (“Here you can find helium balloons&rdquo. We hope you’ll all help, so that eventually there’s not somebody that has a balloon without helium and is forced to blow it into the air.
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